Neuroscience Research Cluster (NRC) of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia, was established by a few founding members (see
Members) in August 2010. The Neuroscience Cluster was established after two consecutive workshops with Reader Dr John Mason (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Associate Professor Dr Paul Thomas (University of Adelaide, Australia). During these workshops, the founding members discussed about the best way to uplift the field within the faculty/university as well as to formulate the most efficient modus operandi in running the cluster. All founding members of the cluster agreed to the general term of establishment and spirit of the cluster as listed below:

  • we will share and help any members of the cluster with our expertise and specialised skills in Neuroscience,
  • we will share our equipments and lists of approved resources among NRC members,
  • we will help to review research grants from the members before submission, and
  • we will actively involve in the organisation, implementation and participation of any approved activities within the cluster.