Science Break is a weekly breakfast session with all neuroscientists (students/lecturers/clinicians) in the faculty. Science Break is a relaxed, leisure like session where we all can choose to meet and talk about science at our free will over a break. The session should not be burdening (no presentation/preparation) anyone who wish to join. So you need to wash your own mug at the end of the break!! ;-). Information regarding Science Break is as the following:

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Venue: Pantry Room, Level 6, Laboratory Block B, FMHS
Frequency: Once a fortnight

What is prepared for you:
Coffee and tea, toaster, sandwich toaster, microwave oven, cutleries and detergent.

What do you need to bring:
Your snacks (or we can do potluck) & your mug and your favourite drink.

Announcement will be made a week before the Science Break!